Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goood..... afternoon?

Hello world, as suspected, i slept like crap... mostly due to two cats deciding it would be great to tease my dog.... In other news, im working on a commission, and hopefully getting my check today so i can take pictures of them before i send em out. Ill be sitting here untill i get news of otherwise, and plan on sitting here for the grand total of a day. Otherwise im going to be RPing as a 19 year old Russian Silver Fox in a table top game. Ciao for now, and remember, im always up for a conversation.

First Post

Ok guys.... here i am, this is my very first post. And im gonna post once or twice a day from now on, ill try to keep it simple, but if i have something really good happen, its gonna get lengthy.

I stayed up till around 4 today playing runescape... its kinda disappointing cus i was suppose to get my check for the convention i worked at TWO WEEKS AGO.... witch is very annoying, but who cares, my friend said it should be out by tomorrow,... and that means i can buy food, and pay bills... and LIVE.... anyways, single again, and happy about it, im hanging out with a really nice guy, he makes me feel special n not just to get down my pants, witch is nice.

Well... i guess ill be getting off to bed now, goodnight everyone, ill be up bright n early to make my post in the morning.... ill bring lots of coffee.....