Monday, October 18, 2010

O-M-G Glee!

Toootal gleetard, oh my god, i love this show soooo much <3 prolly just because one of the characters is a super cute queer

Sunday, October 17, 2010

premium tanks and shell types

i knew i was gonna write this sooner r later, well... premium tanks.....

ive noticed that they tend to be towards the mid range of the type, not the best but not the worst, thou they do stand out in one aspect, and that is cost, with how much in game special currency you get...... they are relatively expensive, and i usually keep my gold to convert free experience to get me that much closer to snagging a tiger.
my favorite is the matilda, looks super cool and after you get use to it, its a pretty ok tank, again, no where close to the best... but ok, especially if you want to see waht being a medium tank is like. Very good balance on these things guys <3 keep up the work, cant wait for the american stuff

Shell Types

bleh, i really only use armor piercing, but there are two more, the premium shells, witch dont really do bonus damage, but penetrate much more armor then you should be able to, and of even that doesnt work, blow the fuck outta em with the HE [high explosive] rounds... VERY useful if you're a little tank on a very high level game, i usually keep 3/4 of HE with 1/4 of AP [armor piercing] or if i can afford it the fery nice premium shells that just sail right through everything.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not soo daily

as ive found out, keeping up with a blog is kinda boring..... but im not gonna let this one die so that quick, so here i am again, still lookin for a job, not doing too much, might as well be sitting on my duff playing games [witch i am] anyways, wish me luck, best buy here i come

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not dead just busy

i made a few bucks n have been running back and forth, getting ready for a gaming tournney n then i got Halloween coming up x.x soo much stuff mann

Sunday, September 12, 2010


It seems that every time i hop on a stripper pole or put my services up, i get quite the little tip for doing so, and its always the same person, thou i really dont mind, it is very sweet, id much rather get to know the person and talk to them then have them use the magic skip button and send me 10 bucks just to type fuck.....
well, thats the thought for the day, love or money?

ahhhh, second life

workin' as a escort on second life is pretty fun, you dance around on a pole for a few hours until someone is interested, you smile back and wait for the money, then you rock their world untill they start panting and relax back on the bed....
You get lots of creepers doin it too...a few times ive been chained to a bed.... heh.. i didnt like that so i shot em...a few times.
I guess now im gonna keep this as my call girl log... n today i have gotten a master, he dresses me and kisses me on the lips, ill add more later, hope you enjoy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

what happened today, was really boring..... just about all i did was sleep, wake up late, learn my dad is a fucking retard, and then goto my table top game. Sorry to have a boring day, if this makes you want to hear more, you are a very stale piece of white bread.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well, its about time for bed on another one of these all nighters.... i wish my life was a little more exciting for all yall to read.... i hope tomorrow is more eventful n stuff, im gonna try n run about n get job appies so i can support myself n stuff. If your kinda curious who i am, you can request my im address, ive got a separate one that i keep for these kind of things. Ill give relationship advice n stuff as well, so dont be shy my friends, ill never abandon those that follow me

Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, i guess today is one of those days... dont really feel too much, n nothing is striking me me as... bleh.... Oh well, I hope there is something interesting tomorrow

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life is getting away from me

Well, i woke up to my alarm at eight... n then i did something i shouldn't have done.... i turned it off..... And so i woke up at four, getting a grand total of ten hours of sleep.... now i may be a cat, but i don't like to sleep in... at all. So tomorrow [tonight i have game] ill be up at eight... with a grand total sleep of 7 hours.... i hope

Friday, September 3, 2010

Game reviews

Whoever actually reads this, would you be interested in hearing about the various betas n stuff that i play, maybe even a screen shot or two for the ones im allowed to, please give me feed back, one yes and you get three games =3

A little late for AM

Well, hello world. This morning was one of the more unique, and much more lovely then usual i went over to my friends parents because they were in Cali n he has to watch it.... So we uhh, hung out n watched tv that night n went to bed n i woke up next to him =3 witch was an amazing feeling.... but then i realized it was only like 10 n i got 4 hours sleep due to 'activities' that night...... =.= ughhhhh  ^^ but tonight im hoping that he isnt too sleepy so i can get to play games with him, were in the same closed beta n sqauds were released yesterday, ive been playing alot to impress him when we scuffle. wish me luck.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh... My god

last nights dream was specifically horrid. It was horrible enough to make me wake up shivering and not want to go back to bed for a very... long.... time.

    Anyways, it started with me getting in some kind of cart full of what looked like super long tubes of ground beef, but for some reason, i knew they were towels. There were a few guys pushing me, and when we passed a guard that i could clearly see, he said their names, a,d then saw me and said "Nick?" After that, we started to haul ass down the corridor, bashing open two doors, we stopped at the third and i turned the handle, it wouldn't open, then i turned it more. I waved at them as i left, yelling "I will repay you some how.

   Now for the creepy part. I was jogging buy this guy with a little dog. The dog was floating and i was seeing myself in 3rd person, and stated "Don't you thing your dog shouldn't be floating?" I continued to jog and the dog caught up with me, i saw a flash of white, that was infact something... i couldnt make out what... but it was something, and then i was lifted up into the air by whatever i was, about two or three stories.

I woke up then covered in a cold sweat shivering uncontrollably and have been upstairs since.

Long story short "Hello long all nighters..... im not going to sleep for a while....."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

good afternoon again, but today... i have an excuse. Its this game called world of tanks, look it up. I got addicted last night and im never going back =3 see you on the battlefield, ill give simple updates EULA didnt say i couldnt spread the word

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goood..... afternoon?

Hello world, as suspected, i slept like crap... mostly due to two cats deciding it would be great to tease my dog.... In other news, im working on a commission, and hopefully getting my check today so i can take pictures of them before i send em out. Ill be sitting here untill i get news of otherwise, and plan on sitting here for the grand total of a day. Otherwise im going to be RPing as a 19 year old Russian Silver Fox in a table top game. Ciao for now, and remember, im always up for a conversation.

First Post

Ok guys.... here i am, this is my very first post. And im gonna post once or twice a day from now on, ill try to keep it simple, but if i have something really good happen, its gonna get lengthy.

I stayed up till around 4 today playing runescape... its kinda disappointing cus i was suppose to get my check for the convention i worked at TWO WEEKS AGO.... witch is very annoying, but who cares, my friend said it should be out by tomorrow,... and that means i can buy food, and pay bills... and LIVE.... anyways, single again, and happy about it, im hanging out with a really nice guy, he makes me feel special n not just to get down my pants, witch is nice.

Well... i guess ill be getting off to bed now, goodnight everyone, ill be up bright n early to make my post in the morning.... ill bring lots of coffee.....