Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh... My god

last nights dream was specifically horrid. It was horrible enough to make me wake up shivering and not want to go back to bed for a very... long.... time.

    Anyways, it started with me getting in some kind of cart full of what looked like super long tubes of ground beef, but for some reason, i knew they were towels. There were a few guys pushing me, and when we passed a guard that i could clearly see, he said their names, a,d then saw me and said "Nick?" After that, we started to haul ass down the corridor, bashing open two doors, we stopped at the third and i turned the handle, it wouldn't open, then i turned it more. I waved at them as i left, yelling "I will repay you some how.

   Now for the creepy part. I was jogging buy this guy with a little dog. The dog was floating and i was seeing myself in 3rd person, and stated "Don't you thing your dog shouldn't be floating?" I continued to jog and the dog caught up with me, i saw a flash of white, that was infact something... i couldnt make out what... but it was something, and then i was lifted up into the air by whatever i was, about two or three stories.

I woke up then covered in a cold sweat shivering uncontrollably and have been upstairs since.

Long story short "Hello long all nighters..... im not going to sleep for a while....."

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