Sunday, October 17, 2010

premium tanks and shell types

i knew i was gonna write this sooner r later, well... premium tanks.....

ive noticed that they tend to be towards the mid range of the type, not the best but not the worst, thou they do stand out in one aspect, and that is cost, with how much in game special currency you get...... they are relatively expensive, and i usually keep my gold to convert free experience to get me that much closer to snagging a tiger.
my favorite is the matilda, looks super cool and after you get use to it, its a pretty ok tank, again, no where close to the best... but ok, especially if you want to see waht being a medium tank is like. Very good balance on these things guys <3 keep up the work, cant wait for the american stuff

Shell Types

bleh, i really only use armor piercing, but there are two more, the premium shells, witch dont really do bonus damage, but penetrate much more armor then you should be able to, and of even that doesnt work, blow the fuck outta em with the HE [high explosive] rounds... VERY useful if you're a little tank on a very high level game, i usually keep 3/4 of HE with 1/4 of AP [armor piercing] or if i can afford it the fery nice premium shells that just sail right through everything.

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